How Do You Get Six Pack

How Do You Get Six Pack Ripped Abs


How Do You Get Six Pack Abs the easy way? YOU DON’T..If your looking for the best way to build your six pack Abs,then I’m glad you found this website,so I strongly suggest you keep on reading..

How Do You Get Six Pack

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How can you get abs


I‘m here to tell you my uncensored story of How Do You Get Six Pack Abs from a 20 yr high speed low drag retired Army Ranger..LOCKED,COCKED & READY TO ROCK..No Holds Bared…

My name is Tim and I’m here to tell ya,It’s not easy to get six pack abs but It’s by far not impossible either…Most people quit…It does take some time though, 6 to 8 weeks..It takes motivation & the will to succeed..Bottom line if you want em, you have to diet & work for them.. & OMG they are so cool & so worth the effort once they start to show…

I Wanted  To Know How Do You Get Six Pack Abs,So…

 After I tried a few other programs that had me kinda going backwards in the process of getting my abs to show I got discouraged & quit for awhile..I then stumbled upon & bought Mike Gearys Truth about Abs and used it myself.

The other 2 programs went straight into exercising,which I found out was not right…They did’ent know…They gave me the wrong exercises to do in the 1st place..I was already kinda in shape but I still had a layer of body fat over my midsection.

I could feel them there,underneath my stomach fat but I could not see them in the mirror..So,I bought the Truth About Abs and stuck with it for 6 weeks..

It starts with the dieting and I really never ate the foods it suggested on a regular basis but I started too and It frigging started working and it worked great and it was nowhere as complicated as the other 2…The rest as they say is History..

Check out this Video for some cool facts about how do you get six pack abs..

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How do you get six pack abs the easy way?

So you would like to have washboard abs. And you would like to know how to obtain a six pack quickly.

Digging For Gold

That’s what developing your Abs is kinda like..Digging & mining for gold..The only difference is, you know where to dig & Mine for this gold..

Think about it.Your Abs are covered by a layer of fat,right? Just like Gold is covered by dirt & Rock..

You have to remove that body fat before you can reap the rewards of your efforts.Once you do that,you’ve hit the main vein as far as muscle

groups go..

As you push forward you remove that fat from all over your body and you start to become lean all over..

NOW,you are getting really motivated.So now you really START breaking a sweat to succeed and succeed you do..With a vengeance you drive forward and beyond any expectations you thought you might of had..YOUR IN THE GAME NOW

How Do You Get Six Pack

Most men & woman truly think you have to bust your butt with crunches and sit ups but you don’t..Not at all…A lot of people don’t believe it but they are the wrong exercises to go after..How do you get six pack abs..You have to focus on your Diet,Diet,Diet..I just can’t say that enough..

That’s right..If you don’t shed the poundage you will never ever get a glimpse of those 6 pack abs in your midsection..No matter how many crunches or sit ups or leg lifts you do..Eating right is the ticket,the beginning to bringing them stomach abs to the surface..

How Do You Get Six Pack Abs

Get Ripped Abs Like This


I’m here to tell you the truth..Not fill your head with a bunch of crap that waste your time and my time for putting this site up in front of you.I want you to succeed, like I did..It’s so possible..

You can read the About me page for more info but just to give you a little upfront background..I’m a retired 20 yr. soldier of this great nation and I have personally trained and led SOME OF OUR NATIONS FINEST YOUNG soldiers into some of the worlds toughest hot spots during my tour in the military and I wanted my men to be in the best shape that they could possibly be in so that they had the advantage over our enemies..So when we were not deployed out and even when we were, we trained and we exercised to keep our bodies in the utmost best shape possible..Be All You Can Be Right..


Drink alota beer,eat alota fast foods along with 2 boxes of twinkies a day..& Please,by all means don’t exercise at all…Then do what this ol boy did below, and tie 6 Bud Lt. beer bottles together,tie them around your midsection and head out to the LOCAL Pub for a few more sets of 12 ounce curls….

If you want to take the easy route out THAT IS

This Is How You Get Six Pack Abs The Easy Way!

How Do You Get Six Pack

Well, that’s why I built this blog for how do you get a six pack abs..Because I personally know what is at stake and more importantly what is involved to toughing up and bringing out that midsection of 6 pack abs or even 8 pack abs..We all have them..

There is not a human being alive that walks Gods green earth that does not possess A SET OF 6 pack or 8 pack abs..Weather your a man or a woman,does not matter..They are just covered up by our body fat..Of course men can achieve more of a definition with 6 pack abs than woman but we all have them.

Of course I do know some pretty tough woman out there that will give some men a good run for there

How Do You Get Six Pack?

You must be sure you discipline yourself in performing your workout for six pack abs

Coupled with a strict diet, you can build your six-pack abs to a fine sculpted mid section

When you diet you lose weight from all over your body,not just in one area..We all know that..So,that’s good right..How do you get six pack abs requires us to diet first, using the proper dieting program..

You need to get down to at least 10 % body fat.6 to 7% is even better…Once their, then you start hitting those sit ups & crunches along with several sets bench press & squats..Wind Sprinting or even some jogging also tremendously helps…That will make them hard as a rock and build them up to a point where you will be more than satisfied from your efforts..

Plus, they are sexy as all getup to the opposite sex..Woman Love them…They truly can’t keep their hands off our wash board bellies..& men can’t keep there eyes of a woman’s midsection along with the rest of her lower extremities. Kinda cool really…Woman Rock..


Depends on how serious you are and how much your willing to focus to get them to show..How do you get six pack or 8 pack is harder to bring out than our other muscle groups such as biceps,triceps,deltoids,thighs and so on..You get my point,right..Six pack abs takes a little more work but it is very possible to do so and very well worth the effort.You just got to want to put your feet to the fire and step the up and take charge..

This program takes you by the hand, and shows both Men & Woman step by step one of the easiest and
most unique methods to How Do You Get Six Pack Abs..

Take a look at the official website and see for yourself How Do You Get Six Pack..

How Do You Get Six Pack Abs

Woman Rock

Yea,It’s got a silly little cartoon video on the home page.1 for men & 1 for woman but it makes sense in a lot of ways..

I’ve used the program myself & it does work and it works great if you follow it and stick with it but nobody here or anywhere else for that matter is ever gonna twist your arm to get your six pack abs to show…Only you can do that,how bad do you really want em…That’s the real question…It’s purely a volunteer deal!

I know from personal experience that It’s all on you.. If you want something bad enough you go get it..No one can do it for you..You don’t let nothing or no one stand in your way as long as It’s a good thing and not an evil thing..If you know what I mean..Focus grass

Life’s to short for regret..Stop procrastinating and go get your 6 pack ripped abs if you truly want them..Please understand that my story comes from the heart..I and my men know that you have to push through when the going gets tough the tough get going.. You are not obligated to buy the Truth six pack abs workout and diet routine from Mike Geary in any way off this website,not at all.

I’m just schooling you up and recommending to you a great program that has been tested over time again & again.This program works great in the least amount of time Possible to how do you get six pack..

So please, feel free to go and check out as many websites as you like on any other product or weight loss pill your lil heart desires..

It’s all good but know this, there is a lot of B.S. out there on the net,trust me I know..

Be forewarned  before you head out though, Mike Gearys how do you get six pack abs is the # 1 best seller on the Internet with the least amount of refunds and without trying to sell you a bunch of other worthless up sell products once you buy in to their program, like all the others you come across will do..Truth about Abs has been #1 for several years running….What’s that tell ya..

I recommend you Go and check out How do you get six pack abs at Mike Gearys official website for yourself..I can pretty much bet,If you focus with Truth about abs you will have the look and feel of a true athlete..

Dose not matter what your Gender is either…For both men & Woman..

I want to Thank You for visiting my site on How Do You Get Six Pack Abs..

HAVE A GREAT DAY & GOOD LUCK in your endeavors through life because it is precious…Treat every day like it is your last & Be All You Can Be…



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